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Please stay as long as you like, browse through my images, and spare a moment to say hello.

I hope you will find an interesting mix of photographic genres on this website. Long ago I mostly photographed interesting landscapes. While I still like to get out into the landscape, I have found in recent years that the range of subjects and activities that attract my eye is growing. When I turn a corner or turn my head there is always something different waiting to be captured, a brief moment of light ready to be transformed into the 1s and 0s of digital imagery. Or occasionally, exposed onto film like the old days (I was always better with electronics than chemistry though!).

I am serious about my photographs, but I also have fun taking them and I hope that the enjoyment I get making images comes through. If you like anything here, let me know. If you have an idea for a project or photographic event that I can help you capture, I am always happy to create something new.